Monitor BenQ PG2401PT, Tela IPS, precisão, certificação FOGRA SWOP, Soft Proof, Prova no monitor, monitor certificado, EasyColorMonitor BenQ PG2401PT, Tela IPS, precisão, certificação FOGRA SWOP, Soft Proof, Prova no monitor, monitor certificado, EasyColor

Monitor Profissional BenQ PG2401PT

Monitor certificado pela FOGRA e para os padrões SWOP e GRACOL.

Uma excelente opção em monitor com tela IPS para profissionais que precisam de resultados precisos para ver na tela as cores com a precisão que o seu trabalho merece.



  • Tela IPS
  • Testados individualmente para garantir a qualidade
  • Excelente gamut de cores Adobe RGB e CMYK
  • 10 bits de profundidade de cores
  • Uniformidade de brilho


  • Visão Geral
  • Especificação
  • Less-trouble Soft Proofing Makes Color Management More Efficient

    BenQ PG series monitors are tested against standard printing color charts and real printing house results to determine which aspects of colorations prove to be the most challenging for graphic professionals. As defined by these test results, the BenQ PG series specializes in color reproduction for tones with a Delta-E value lower than two.



    Certified Print-Quality Display

    BenQ PG series monitors are Printing-Industry Color Certified (G7/Fogra) according to international ISO standards that improve design and proofing efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. On-screen images have never been so true to the final printed image. Finally, a monitor series that is print-perfect.

    Individually Tested to Verify Performance

    Each BenQ PG series display is subjected to a verification process on-site upon production in order to test the performance of the monitor in terms of Brightness uniformity, Delta-E and Gamma curve. These results are validated against BenQ and industry color standards—the results of the test are noted on a calibration report, included with each individual PG series monitor.


    Excellent Adobe RGB and CMYK Coverage

    BenQ PG series monitors cover 100% CMYK color space and 99% Adobe RGB color space, ensuring that the truest red roses, blue skies and green grasses can be reproduced with accuracy.


    Expand the Spectrum on a 10-bit IPS Panel

    Enjoy the smoothest shading and color transitions in natural gradations on a 10-bit display panel. A 10-bit panel can create more than one billion colors – 64 times the amount of color available on an 8-bit panel – to guarantee silky smooth gradation. The PG series also includes 14-bit processing capability, generating crisper definition and improved gray-level distinction, allowing you see true-to-print natural shades before they get printed.


    10-bit Panel


    Typical Panel


    Predictable Colors with 14-bit 3D LUT

    With the 14-bit 3D Look Up Table (LUT), monitors can display the most accurate color mixture. 14-bit 3D LUT improves RGB color blending accuracy, resulting in impeccable color and gray tone reproduction.

    Perfect Color Authenticity

    BenQ PG series monitors feature Delta E≤2 in both Adobe RGB and sRGB color spaces to ensure colors are displayed accurately in every stage of web design, photo retouch and pre-press workflow. Delta E≤2 not only offers viewers the truest appearance of the original image, it also saves time and money by creating reliable colors and providing promising result when matching images the first time, every time.

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    Standard Color Pattern

    BenQ PG2401PT


    Standard Color Pattern

    Hardware Calibration

    Utilizing the X-Rite calibration device (i1 pro, i1 pro 2 or i1 Display Pro), you can use hardware calibration function to adjust the 3D LUT in the monitor directly, providing smoother and more consistent color tones. Keep the image consistent with the original, without being affected by graphic settings. Subsequently, these calibrated settings are stored directly in the monitor under two of the preset modes.


    Brightness Uniformity

    Brightness Uniformity is achieved via a delicate process involving utilizing high precision apparatus to meticulously fine-tuning hundreds of sub-regions of the entire screen. This feature enables PG series monitors to maintain a consistent color appearance across the entire display area. By preciously controlling brightness and chromaticity of each sub-region, Brightness Uniformity Function offers a more authentic and consistent viewing experience.


    Ergonomic Design

    The PG series is supported by a uniquely designed stand, featuring sleek looks, blue detailing and a wide range of adjustability. The stand itself can be maneuvered to Tilt, Pivot or Swivel in order to suit any ergonomic desktop configuration, regardless of the desk arrangement or the user’s height. The On Screen Display can even rotate automatically for landscape or portrait use.


    Fine-Tuned Presets

    Factory calibrated preset viewing modes ensure users have a suitable variety of viewing conditions upon first using the monitor. The PG series offers Standard, Adobe RGB, sRGB, illumine. A, D50 and D65 for standard graphical work. For more involved work, the Calibration Mode enables users to save calibration settings and switch between different sets of calibration settings. Additionally the heavily customizable Custom Mode can be used for delicate color tuning.


    Full Range of Connectivity

    A variety of inputs provides users with flexibility in connecting various input devices. PC users can connect the PG series monitor to a PC via DVI-D, HDMI or DisplayPort while MAC users can connect via the Mini DisplayPort input. Two USB 3.0 ports and card reader are also available for rapid file transfers and storage solutions.



    Shading Hood

    Ambient lighting and glare can often obstruct the user’s perception of color reproduction. With this in mind, the PG series includes a detachable shading hood made specifically for glare reduction and use in areas where controlling ambient light is not feasible.

    Screen Size24.1"W
    Resolution (max.)1920 x 1200
    Pixel Pitch (mm)0.27
    Brightness ( typ.)350 cd/m²
    Native Contrast ( typ. )1000:1
    DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio) (typ.)20M:1
    Panel TypeIPS
    Viewing Angle (L/R;U/D) (CR>=10)178°/178°
    Response Time(Tr+Tf) typ.12ms, 5ms (GTG)
    Display ColorsDisplayPort, HDMI: 1.07 billion from a palette of 4.4 trillion
    Dvi, D-sub: 16.77 million from a palette of 4.4 trillion
    Color Gamut99% Adobe RGB
    Audio/Video Inputs/Outputs
    Input ConnectorD-Sub / DVI / HDMI / DP / mDP/ Headphone jack
    Dimensions & Weight
    CTN Dimensions (HxWxD mm)631 x 270 x 520
    Dimensions(HxWxD mm)542.6 x 555.4 x 254
    (without hood)
    Dimensions with Wall Mount (HxWxD mm)365.5 x 555.4 x 74.6
    (without hood)
    Net Weight (kg)7 (without hood)
    Gross Weight (kg)12.4
    Special Features
    Windows® 7 CompatibleYes
    Color Temperature2800°K/3700°K/5000°K/5500°K/6500°K/7500°K/8200°K/9300°K/Custom Mode
    (increment by 100°K)
    OSD Language17 languages
    VESA Wall Mounting100 x 100mm
    Swivel (left/right)-45°/45°
    USB HubYes, USB 3.0
    (2 x downstream, 1 x upstream)
    Tilt (down/up)-5°/20°
    Height Adjustment (mm)150mm
    Other Features14 bits 3D LUT / HW calibration / Delta E≤2 (avg) /
    G7 certification / Fogra certification/ Brightness Uniformity / Card reader
    RegulationsTCO 6.0
    Power Consumption (On mode)74.6 W
    Power Consumption (Off mode)Built-in
    (Power saving mode)0.5W

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